Project Auditor

Unison Consulting, Inc. is an aviation consulting company that is seeking an energetic person with experience auditing professional services and construction payment requests.? Candidate must have strong analytical skills with experience in accounting, finance, financial software, and financial reporting.? The career opportunity available is for a Project Auditor-working at a client site in the Finance Division of an Aviation Construction Management Project near O?Hare International Airport.

Primary responsibilities for this position include:
Auditing Payment Requests for companies providing Administrative,

Construction, Land Acquisition, and Professional services to the project.?

Reading and interpreting contracts, task orders, project plans and work authorizations to determine if the payment requests adhere to the agreements. Items reviewed include: labor rates and classifications, contract multipliers, price escalation adjustments, timesheets and other documentation for hours billed, overtime, reimbursable expenses, work schedules, backup documentation, certified payrolls, M/W/DBE compliance, project plans, insurance holdbacks, change orders, ratainage, and other contractual obligations.

Performing labor calculations on all payment requests.

Reviewing Travel and Work Authorizations requested by vendors.

Reviewing Expenditure Approvals by vendors and project staff.

Performing ad-hoc audits as may be specifically requested by the client.


Monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure analysis and variance reporting.

Monthly, quarterly and annual M/W/DBE compliance reporting.

Weekly, monthly and annual audit reports.

Ad-hoc reporting.


The position requires flexible work hours to accomplish unexpected tasks and requests, and the ability to support other project, finance and payment functions.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree.
Required Experience: Financial or accounting background with experience auditing professional services and construction payment requests.?

Consulting experience a plus.

Special Skills: Experience working with financial systems, databases and reviewing financial reports.? Maintains communication with project managers, project staff and vendors, Providing relevant fiscal information.

Don't Be Fooled

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